Saturday, November 8, 2014

Another class update!

Yet another class update! I am so proud at how much Molly improved this week. We were struggling a little with the "Stay" command. Molly tends to think that the world will crumble if she is five steps away from me in new places. I was able to put her in a "Stay" and actually take a few steps away and hold her there. She even got a prize for being the most improved since last week! That's my girl! Class is winding down, and soon graduation will be here. I plan on taking Molly to a local therapy dog group that meets once a month and see how she compares to other dogs, and whether or not she will be ready to get evaluated and registered!

I don't have any pictures from this week's class since we were so busy, but here she is looking pretty in the leaves we recently raked up, as well as rocking her Halloween costume! Loving fall with my girl!


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